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Adele Sassella

Full professor

Via Roberto Cozzi, 55
tel.: 02.6448.5160


Curriculum Vitae

1989: Laurea degree in Physics at University of Pavia

1994: PhD in Physics at University of Pavia

1995: Specializzazione in Materials science and technology at University of Pavia

1996-1998: Assistant professor of General Physics at University of Milano

1998-2001: Assistant professor of General Physics (later Experimental Physics) at University of Bicocca

2001-today: Associate Professor of Experimental Physics at University of Milano Bicocca


a.a. 2013-2014:

- Physics I for the undergraduate curriculum in Optics and optometry

- Structure of matter I for the undergraduate curriculum in Materials science


Adele Sassella devoted her research activity to eperimental solid state physics. During the first years, she studied impurities and defects in silicon and silicon related materials by optical pectroscopy techniques, in the infrared and UV-visible spectral ranges. More recently, her main research subject involves organic molecular semiconductors, in particular organic molecular beam epitaxy (OMBE) used to deposit thin films on different substrates, then studying their optical and transport properties, as well as their morphology and structure. The materials of interest include oligothiophenes, porphyrins, acridines, oligocenes. A relevant part of the research activity is now devoted to the growth and study of organic heterostructures, made of multilayers of different molecules, grown in view of obtaining high crystallinity by means of organic epotaxy. Research on these subects is funded by national projects on advanced materials for photovoltaic applications.

Since 1990 Adele Sassella published over 180 scientific papers in international journals and attended several national and international conferences, presenting her work as posters, oral presentations and invited talks. She is participating and/or responsible for some national research projects (INFM, MIUR, Fondazione Cariplo) and she contributed to Organizing committees of different conferences and schools. She is referee of several scientific journals, such as Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review, European Physical Journal. She collaboratrs with several groups in Italy and abroad.

Main Publications

(complete list: here)
1. M. Campione, A. Sassella, M. Moret, A. Papagni, S. Trabattoni, R. Resel, O. Lengyel, V. Marcon, and G. Raos:
Organic-organic epitaxy of incommensurate systems: quaterthiophene on potassium hydrogen phthalate single crystals

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 13378 (2006).

2. A. Sassella, A. Borghesi, M. Campione, S. Tavazzi, C. Goletti, G. Bussetti, and P. Chiaradia:
Direct observation of the epitaxial growth of molecular layers on molecular single crystals

Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 261905 (2006).

3. M. Campione, L. Raimondo, and A. Sassella:
Heteroepitaxy of α-quaterthiophene on tetracene single crystals

J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 19009 (2007).

4. M. Campione, L. Raimondo, M. Moret, P. Campiglio, E. Fumagalli, and A. Sassella:
Organic-organic hetero-epitaxy of semiconductor crystals: α-quaterthiophene on rubrene

Chem. Mater. 21, 4859 (2009).

5. A. Sassella, A. Borghesi, M. Campione, L. Raimondo, C. Goletti, G. Bussetti, A. Violante, S. Cirilli, and P. Chiaradia:
Pseudomorphic growth of organic semiconductor thin films driven by incommensurate epitaxy

Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 073307 (2009).

6. M. Campione, E. Fumagalli, L. Raimondo, A. Monguzzi, F. Meinardi, and A. Sassella:
Control of pi-pi interactions in epitaxial films of platinum(II) octaethyl porphyrin

Chem. Mater. 23, 832 (2011).

7. A. Sassella, L. Raimondo, M. Campione and A. Borghesi:
Patterned growth of crystalline organic heterostructures

Adv. Mater. 25, 2804 (2013).

8. K. Broch, A. Aufderheide, L. Raimondo, A. Sassella, A. Gerlach, and F. Schreiber:
Optical properties of blends: influence of mixing-induced disorder in pentacene:diindenoperylene versus perfluoropentacene:diindenoperylene

J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 13952 (2013).

9. L. Raimondo, E. Fumagalli, M. Moret, M. Campione, A. Borghesi, and A. Sassella:
Epitaxial interfaces in rubrene thin film heterostructures

J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 13981 (2013).

10. S. Trabattoni, M. Campione, M. Moret, L. Raimondo, and A. Sassella:
Epitaxial polymorphic growth of organic semiconductors on natural amino acid single crystals

Crystal Growth & Design 13, 4268 (2013).

1. A. Borghesi, B. Pivac, A. Sassella, A. Stella:
Oxygen precipitation in silicon

Appl. Phys. Rev. 77, 4169-4244 (1995).

2. A. Sassella, M. Campione, and A. Borghesi:
Organic epitaxy
La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento 31, 457-475 (2008).