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Alberto Paleari

Full professor

Via Roberto Cozzi, 55
tel.: 02.6448.5164

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Curriculum Vitae

Born in Monza in 1961, he is full professor of Experimental Physics since 2016. After his Physics degree at the University of Milano (1986). He earned his PhD in Physics at the University of Pavia. He worked as research scientist at the University of Milano, then at the Department of Material Science of the University of Milano-Bicocca. He was local coordinator of national research projects (1998, 2000, 2002) and coordinator of the network Insulators within the National Committee of the Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la Struttura della Materia. For 12 years, since 1997, he was project-leader at the Hasylab synchrotron radiation laboratory of DESY (Hamburg), coordinating high priority experiments founded by the European Community on the excitation properties of amorphous and nanostructured matrices. In 2011 he was appointed Director of the P.D. Sarkisov International Laboratory for Glass-based Functional Materials at the Mendeleev University of Moscow. During his activity he investigated defect structures in silicon and zirconium oxides by means of paramagnetic resonance and optical spectroscopy, as well as exchange interactions in transition metal oxides. His activity is now focused on glass-based nanostructured functional materials. In these fields he has activated collaborations with the Optoelectronic Research Centre of Southampton, the University College London, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and with industrial partners (Pirelli). He is co-inventor of four patents on optical materials and applied spectroscopy. He received research fellowships by ST Microelectronics, by Enichem and, in 2010, he was winner of an international competition of the Ministry of Science of the Russian Federation in the field of Materials Science. He collaborates as reviewer with journals of the Nature Publishing Group (Nature Commun.),  Wiley (Adv. Mater., Small), the American Physical Society (Phys. Rev. Lett.), the American Chemical Society (ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces), the Royal Society of Chemistry (J. Mater. Chem.), and several other journals of materials science. For more than 25 years he has given institutional lectures in experimental physics at the University.


Since 1992 he has appointed to faculty courses in Physics, Laboratory of Physics II, Spectroscopy II, Physics of Dielectrics, Laboratory of Advanced Technologies, Physics of Crystals, for different degrees at the University of Milano and University of Milano-Bicocca (Degree in Materials Science, Master in Materials Science, Degree in Science and Technology of Precious Materials, Degree in Biosciences). At present he is responsible for the courses of Physics of Dielectrics for the Master in Materials Science and Physics for the degree in Biosciences. He is a member of the Council of the Doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Since November 2013 He is appointed Dean of the Teaching Coordination Council of Materials Science degree and master.


Ga-containing Silicates

  • Nanostructuring and Ga-oxide nanocrystal growth in silicate - Study of phase separation and crystallization of Ga2O3 nanoparticles from amorphous matrix, and role of Si/Ge ratio and transition metal doping.
  • IR broadband emission of Ni ions in Ga2O3 nanocrystals in silicate - Study of selective Ni embedding in Ga2O3 nanoparticles and of the luminescence yield as a function of concentration and confinement in the nanocrystals.
  • UV- and visible-emitting Ga2O3 QDs in glass - Study of radiative and non-radiative decay channels of electronic excitations in intrinsic and doped Ga2O3 nanocrystals.


Silica-based Materials

  • Nanostructured SnO2-containing silica films with embedded SnO2 nanocrystals with SnOx p-conductive shell - Study of light-emission properties and electric charge transport. Functional varieties of sol-gel silica, obtained by fluorine doping or defect molecular precursors, for optical applications with reduced attenuation and enhanced radiation hardness in VUV and Laser optics - Study of fluorine and structural effects on static and dynamic disorder.
  • Photosensitive and optically nonlinear silica with embedded SnO2 nanoparticles - Study of the laser-induced processes and refractive index change mechanisms in nano-composite systems.


Metal Nanoparticles in Glass

  • Thermal and laser size-control of metal nanoparticles dispersed in bulk glass - Study of nonlinear optical attenuation for laser beam limiter, and surface-plasmon resonance for Raman enhancement and SPR-enhanced luminescence.


Mixed Functional Oxides

  • Niobates, La-germanates and other mixed oxides with optical nonlinearity generated by thermal- or laser-induced anisotropy and crystallisation of non-centrosymmetric nanocrystals - Study of networking, charge transport, and optical properties.
  • Yttrium aluminosilicates, phosphates and other mixed oxides with structure and composition useful for biomedical applications - Study of coordination and structural stability of the network.
  • Rare-earth doped glasses as host for optically active ions with high luminescence yield - Study of radiative and non-radiative decay processes.


Crystalline Materials

  • Crystalline oxides with optical properties modified by transition metal ions and diamond-based materials exposed to ionizing radiation.

Main Publications

A. Paleari, N. V. Golubev, E. S. Ignat’eva, V. N. Sigaev, A. Monguzzi, R. Lorenzi, “Donor-Acceptor Control in Grown-in-Glass Gallium Oxide Nanocrystals by Crystallization-driven Heterovalent Doping”, ChemPhysChem, 18, 662-669 (2017).

N. V. Golubev, E. S. Ignat’eva, V. N. Sigaev, L. De Trizio, A. Azarbod, A. Paleari, R. Lorenzi, “Nucleation-controlled vacancy formation in light-emitting wide-band-gap oxide nanocrystals in glass”, J. Mater. Chem. C, 3, 4380-4387, (2015).

N. V. Golubev, E. S. Ignat’eva, V. N. Sigaev, L. De Trizio, A. Azarbod, A. Paleari, R. Lorenzi, “Nucleation-controlled vacancy formation in light-emitting wide-band-gap oxide nanocrystals in glass”, J. Mater. Chem. C, 3, 4380-4387, (2015).

V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignat’eva, A. Paleari, R. Lorenzi, “Light-emitting Ga-oxide nanocrystals in glass: a new paradigm for low-cost and robust UV-to-visible solar-blind converters and UV emitters”, Nanoscale, 6, 1763-1774 (2014).

V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignat’eva, B. Champagnon, D. Vouagner, E. Nardou, R. Lorenzi, A. Paleari, “Native amorphous nanoheterogeneity in gallium germanosilicates as a tool for driving Ga2O3 nanocrystal formation in glass for optical devices”Nanoscale, 5, 299-306 (2013).

V.N. Sigaev, V.I. Savinkov, S.V. Lotarev, G.Yu. Shakhgildyan, R. Lorenzi, A. Paleari, “Spatially selective Au nanoparticle growth in laser-quality glass controlled by UV-induced phosphate-chain cross-linkage”, Nanotechnology, 24, 225302 (2013).

S. Brovelli, N. Chiodini, R. Lorenzi, A. Lauria, M. Romagnoli, A. Paleari , “Fully inorganic oxide-in-oxide nanocrystal ultraviolet light-emitting devices”, Nature Commun. 3, 690/1-9, (2012).

V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignat’eva, V.I. Savinkov, M. Campione, R. Lorenzi, F. Meinardi, A. Paleari, “Nickel-assisted growth and selective doping of spinel-like gallium oxide nanocrystals in germano-silicate glasses for infrared broadband light-emission”, Nanotechnology 23,015708/1-7 (2012).

N. Chiodini, A. Lauria, R. Lorenzi, S. Brovelli, F. Meinardi, A. Paleari, “Sol-Gel Strategy for Self-Induced Fluorination and Dehydration of Silica with Extended VUV Transmittance and Radiation-Hardness”, Chem. Mater. 24(4), 677-681 (2012).

A. Paleari, S. Brovelli, R. Lorenzi, M. Giussani, A. Lauria, N. Mochenova, N. Chiodini, “Tunable dielectric function in electric-responsive glass with tree-like percolating pathways of chargeable conductive nanoparticles“, Adv. Funct. Mater., 20, 3510-3518 (2010).

Projects & Contracts

CREW Codesign for Rehabilitation and Wellbeing - CAMBIO_Technological solutions for mobility


Call - Codesign 2016

Duration - 2017-2019

Coordinator - Alberto Paleari

Collaborations - CNR ICMATE, AUS Niguarda, Domus Salutis, Fondazione DonGnocchi, Tecno Special snc, Nuova Blandino srl

Nanostructured oxide-in-oxide glasses for solar-blind UV-monitoring of work-safety and energy-saving in electric power distribution


Call - Materials Science 2012

Duration - 2013-2016

Principal Investigator - Roberto Lorenzi

Collaborations - ETH of Zurich and MUCTR of Moscow

New Functionalities in Glasses and Glass-Ceramics

Grant - Ministry of Science of the Russian Federation

Call - Russian MegaGrant 2010 - Materials Science

Duration - 2011-2014

Leading Scientist - Alberto Paleari

Collaboration - P.D.Sarkisov International Laboratory for Glass-based Functional Materials


  • Patent EP1304774, US2003087742, ”Low phonon energy gain medium and related active devices”, N. Chiodini, A. Paleari, G. Spinolo, F.Morazzoni, R.Scotti, G.Brambilla, E.R.Taylor, INFM and Univ. Southampton, PIRELLI.
  • Patent MI2002A000405, WO03072524, US2005239003, “A vitroceramic material with a base of silica and tin dioxide, particularly for optical applications,    and the corresponding process of fabrication”, N.Chiodini, A.Paleari, G.Spinolo, INFM, PIRELLI.
  • Patent MI2012A001951, “Sistema di rivelazione di radiazione UV, convertitore ottico UV-visibile e metodo di rivelazione di radiazione ultravioletta”, Paleari, R. Lorenzi, V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, UNIMIB and Mendeleyev Univ. Moscow.
  • Patent PCT/EP2014/053961, “Method of spectroscopic analysis of a diamond and apparatus thereof” A. Paleari, A. Zullino, R. Lorenzi, UNIMIB.