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Anna Vedda

Full professor

Via Roberto Cozzi, 55
tel.: 02.6448.5162

web page:

Curriculum Vitae

1981: Graduated in Physics at the University of Milano.

1982 – 1987: Scholarship holder at the Solid State Division of the Physics Department of the University of Milano.

1988-1996: Researcher at the Physics Department of the University of Milano.

Since 1997: Joined the Department of Material Sciences of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Since 2005: Associate Professor in General Physics at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

2013: Received the Italian National Scientific Qualification for full professor position in the sectors 02/B1 (Experimental Physics of Matter) and 02/B3 (Applied Physics).


Courses (academic year 2014-2015):

“Physics I” (Mechanics), undergraduate courses in Materials Science (8 credits).

“Physical Characterization of Materials”, graduate course in Materials Science (8 credits).

Tutor of 20 master theses in Physics and Materials Science

Tutor of the following PhD theses:

  • M. Fasoli: “Insights into microscopic processes governing rare-earth (Ce3+, Tb3+) scintillation efficiency in sol-gel silica”, PhD in Materials Science (2006).
  • F. Moretti: “Clustering Effects and Optical Properties of Rare Earth-doped Glasses”, PhD in Nanostructures and Nanotechnology (2007).
  • I. Villa, “Optical and structural properties of rare-earth doped Hafnium-based nanocrystalline phosphors”, PhD in Materials Science (2015).

Member of the scientific board of the Doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnology of the University of Milano-Bicocca and of the  Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials European Doctorate (PCAM).

Responsible for the Thesis Commission of the Master Course in Materials Science of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Since 2012: Local responsible for the project “Piano Lauree Scientifiche” of the Italian Ministry of Education for the Materials Science area.


Principal fields of interest
  • Optical properties of scintillating materials for medical applications and high energy physics (scintillating glasses and fibers, lead tungstate, perovskites, garnets, complex fluorides).
  • Optical and structural properties of nanoparticles for scintillator and lighting applications.
  • Optical and electrical properties of silicon dioxide - based materials (bulk silicon dioxide and SiO2 layers grown on silicon) for micro- and opto-electronics applications.

Her scientific activity has an experimental character and it includes radio- and photo-luminescence, wavelength resolved thermo-luminescence and thermostimulated currents, optical absorption, impedance spectroscopy, micro-Raman scattering, infrared spectroscopy. She published 220 papers in international journals and referred international conference proceedings, one book, and she is co-author of one patent. At present her publications received 3300 citations and her h-factor is 32 (Source: Scopus).

Main Publications

  1. I. Villa, A. Vedda, I. Xochilt Cantarelli, M. Pedroni, F. Piccinelli, M. Bettinelli, A. Speghini, M. Quintanilla, F. Vetrone,  U. Rocha,C. Jacinto,  E. Carrasco, F. Sanz Rodríguez,  Á. Juarranz de la Cruz, P. Haro Gonzalez, J. García Solé, and D. Jaque García, 1.3 μm emitting SrF2:Nd3+ nanoparticles for high contrast in vivo imaging in the second biological window”, Nano Research 8(2), 649 (2015)
  2. I. Veronese, C. De Mattia, M. Fasoli, N. Chiodini, E. Mones, M.C. Cantone, and A. Vedda,  “Infrared Luminescence for Real Time Ionizing Radiation Detection”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 061103 (2014).
  3. F. Moretti, G. Patton, A. Belsky, M. Fasoli, A. Vedda, M. Trevisani, M. Bettinelli and C. Dujardin, “Radioluminescence Sensitization in Scintillators and Phosphors: Trap Engineering and Modeling”, J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 9670 (2014)
  4. E. Dell’Orto, M. Fasoli, G. Ren, and A. Vedda, “Defect-Driven Radio-Luminescence Sensitization in Scintillators: The Case of Lu2Si2O7:Pr”, J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 20201 (2013).
  5. A. Lauria, I. Villa, M. Fasoli, M. Niederberger and A. Vedda, "Multifunctional Role of Rare Earth Doping in Optical Materials: Nonaqueous Sol-Gel Synthesis of Stabilized cubic HfO2 Luminescent Nanoparticles“, ACS Nano 7(8), 7041 (2013).
  6. I. Veronese, M. C. Cantone, N. Chiodini, M. Catalano, M. Fasoli, P. Mancosu, E. Mones, F. Moretti, M. Scorsetti and A. Vedda,Study of the radioluminesence spectra of doped silica optical fibre dosimeters for stem effect removal”, J. Phys. D: Applied Physics, 46, 015101 (2013).
  7. T. Passuello, F. Piccinelli, M. Giarola, G. Mariotto, L. Marciniak, D. Hreniak, M. Fasoli, A. Vedda, V. Jary, M. Nikl, M. Bettinelli, A. Speghini, “Lanthanide doped Vernier phase lutetium oxy-fluorides prepared by a facile co-precipitation technique: interesting candidates as scintillator and X-Ray phosphors”, J. Mater. Chem. 22, 10639 (2012).
  8. Y. Shen, Y. Shi, X. Feng, Y. Pan, J. Li, Y. Zeng, M. Nikl, A. Krasnikov, A. Vedda, F. Moretti, “The harmful effects of sintering aids in Pr:LuAG optical ceramic scintillator”, J. American Ceramic Society 95, 2130 (2012).
  9. D. Totsuka, T. Yanagida, Y. Fujimoto,Y. Yokota, Akira Yoshikawa, F. Moretti and A. Vedda, “Afterglow suppression by co-doping with Bi in CsI:Tl crystal scintillator”, Appl. Phys. Expr. 5, 052601 (2012).
  10. M. Fasoli, A. Vedda, E. Mihokova, and M. Nikl,Optical methods for the evaluation of lanthanide excited state thermal ionization barrier in luminescent materials”, Phys. Rev. B 85, 085127 (2012).
  11. M. Fasoli, A. Vedda, M. Nikl, C. Jiang, B.P. Uberuaga, D.A. Andersson, K.J. McClellan, and C.R. Stanek, “Band-gap engineering for removing shallow traps in rare-earth Lu3Al5O12 garnet scintillators using Ga3+ doping”, Phys. Rev. B 84, 081102(R) (2011).
  12. A. Lauria, N. Chiodini, M. Fasoli, F. Moretti, E. Mihóková, A.  Nale, M. Nikl, and A. Vedda, “Acetate-Citrate Gel Combustion: a strategy for the synthesis of nano-sized Lutetium Hafnate phosphor powders”, Journal of Mater. Chem. 21, 8975 (2011).


  1. Multifunctional role of rare-earth doping in nanosized Hf-based phosphors“, invited lecture at the Workshop on complex Luminescence Phenomena in Inorganic Materials, Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture – International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, Erice, Italy, 2014.
  2. “Governing the incorporation of rare earth ions in sol-gel silica: from microscopic mechanisms of nano-cluster formation to the realization of scintillating optical fibres”, invited lecture at the Int. Conf. Quanta and Matter QUANTARM 2014, Yerevan (Armenia), 2014.
  3. “Influence of defects and traps in the scintillation process” invited lecture at the Int. Conf. Quanta and Matter QUANTARM 2014, Yerevan (Armenia), 2014.
  1. “Dosimetry of ionizing radiations by luminescence methods: application of scintillating glass optical fibers”, invited lecture at the 9th International Workshop on Ionizing Radiation Monitoring (IWIRM9), Oarai (Japan), November 30 – December 1 2013.
  2. “Center-trap aggregations in oxide scintillators”, invited lecture at the International Conference “Advanced Scintillation Materials” (ASM-2013), Kharkov (Ukraine), 23-27 September 2013.
  3. “Scintillators: from optical spectroscopy to applications”, ten lessons at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, 8-12 April 2013.
  4. “Modifications of silica optical properties by rare-earth doping”, invited lecture at the “Royal Society Seminar on Science and Technology of Silica Nanowires”, Kavli Royal Society Centre, England, 8-9 November 2012.
  5. “The coupling between intrinsic defects and rare-earth ions in inorganic crystalline Scintillators”, invited lecture at the “3rd International Workshop on Photoluminescence of Rare Earths: Photonic Materials and Devices” (PRE 2010), 28-30 April 2010, Florence (Italy).
  6. “Influence of defects and traps in the scintillation process”, lesson at the  “Summer School of Luminescence” organized within the “7th International Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation” (LUMDETR 2009) Krakov (Poland), July 12 - 17, 2009.
  7. “Intrinsic trapping and recombination centers in CdWO4”, invited lecture at the 7th International Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation” (LUMDETR 2009), Krakov (Poland), July 12 - 17, 2009.
  8. “Thermally stimulated tunnelling in rare earth doped Lu- oxyorthosilicates” , invited lecture at the 15th International Conference on Luminescence and Optical Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter (ICL’08), Lyon, July 7-11,  2008.


Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi di Milano

Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Parma

Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Università  di Verona

Department of Materials, ETH, Zurich

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

ILM, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon

Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)

Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Shanghai, China