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Claudio Maria Mari

Full professor

Via Roberto Cozzi, 55
tel.: 02.6448.5122

web page:

Curriculum Vitae

Degree in Industrial Chemistry from the State University of Milan in 1972. In the same year he started his carrier at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Metallurgy of the State University of Milan. Later he spent six months as a visitor at the Department of Metallurgy and Material Science, Royal School of Mine, Imperial College, London (U.K) and one year at the European Institute of Transuranium Elements, Kralsruhe (Gernmany), as the winner of a european grant for junior researchers. Associated professor of Physical Chemistry in 1985 and at the present,  full professor of Physical Chemistry at the State University of Milano-Bicocca.



Undergraduate Course in Chemistry: Physical Chemistry II (Thermodynamics)

Graduate Course in Materials Science: Electrochemistry


Thermodynamics (determination by electrochemical technique of the thermodynamics functions of non-stoichiometric oxides and mixed oxides), Statistical thermodynamics ( statistical model to explain and to forecast the thermodynamic functions of non-stoichiometric oxides with fluorite structure was developed), Electrochemistry (investigations on the electrocatalytic properties of mixed oxides used as anodes in the electrolysis of water), Solid State Electrochemistry (electrolysis of water vapour at high temperature, electrochemical oxidation of species in gas phase, amperometric and potentiometric gas sensors), Electrical Characterisation of Solids (oxides, inorganic and polymeric ionic conductors as well as electrodic materials for rechargeable batteries), Electrochromic Properties (organic and inorganic materials).

Main Publications

Link in with Bicocca Open Archive.


Author and co-author of about 150 papers and of 5 patents. Many invited lectures at domestic and foreign conrgresses, universities and research centres. Electrochemical teacher at many international schools as well as at the Solid state Electrochemistry Master in Materials, Complutense University of Madrid, in the frame of the Erasmus European Program, 1989. Project leader of many research contracts sponsored by domestic (public and private) and European funds as well as scientific leader of operative unit in the frame of domestic and European research programs. Evaluator for the European Community in sustainable energy systems.