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Sergio Brovelli

Associate professor

Via Roberto Cozzi, 55
tel.: 02.6448.5027

web page:

Curriculum Vitae

Sergio Brovelli was born in Italy in 1978. Currently, he is Associate Professorship in Experimental Physics at the Department of Materials Science of the University of Milano Bicocca in Italy. He graduated in 2003 and earned his PhD in Materials Science (2006) at the University of Milano Bicocca thanks to a fellowship by the Tronchetti Provera Foundation. Awarded with a fellowship by the Della Riccia Foundation (2006) he moved to University College London and London Centre for Nanotechnology (UK) where he received a Marie Curie Research Fellowship that funded his research until December 2009. In 2010, he moved to the Los Alamos National Laboratory where in 2011 he was awarded with the Los Alamos Director’s Fellowship. In 2012 he moved back to Europe as Assistant Professor at the University of Milano Bicocca and in 2015 he was tenured with the Associate Professorship in Experimental Physics. His research revolves around physical processes confined at the nanoscale in relation to the composition and nanoarchitecture of organic and inorganic nanostructured materials and their impact on photonic devices (photovoltaic, lighting, sensors, biomedical).

In 2016, together with Academic and Industrial partners, he founded the spin-off company Glass to Power srl ( aimed at the industrialization and commercialization of Photovoltaic Windows based on Luminescent Solar Concentrators developed and patented by his team.

In May 2014 he has been Program Committee Chair of the 8th International Conference on Quantum Dots (QD2014) that was held in Pisa, Italy. In May 2012 he has been Local Organizer of the 7th Edition of the same Conference Series that was held in Santa Fe, NM, USA.

In 2014 he was finalist of the Young Researcher Award of the International Union of the Materials Research Societies.

Between 2007 and 2010 he has been Scientific Project Manager of the European Research Training Network “Threadmill” (MRTN-CT-2006-306040), where he was responsible for the direct interaction with the European Commission for the coordination of eleven partners in eight European countries.

He received specific training in project management, intellectual rights protection, European funding schemes and strategies in innovative industries (London Business School, 2008).

Currently, he is referee for numerous high impact scientific journals including Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, ACS Photonics, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Material, Advanced Optical Materials, and other Wiley, ACS, Elsevier, IOP and AIP journals.


Young Researcher Award Finalist - International Union of the Materials Research Societies, 2014

Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, 2012

Director’s Fellowship – Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2010

Marie Curie Research Fellowship, 2007

Angelo Della Riccia Fellowship, 2007

Tronchetti Provera Foundation Fellowship, 2003-2006


Professor of Nanotechnology and Laboratory of Electromagnetism within the degree in Materials Science.


My research aims at achieving fundamental and applied knowledge for the design and fabrication of novel functional nanomaterials for applications in optics, photonics, renewable energy and biomedical technologies. Specifically, my activity revolves around physical processes confined at the nanoscale in relation to the composition and nanoarchitecture of organic and inorganic nanostructured materials.

Main Publications

Science & Nature Family

1             Meinardi, F., Ehrenberg, S., Dhamo, L., Carulli, F., Mauri, M., Bruni, F., Simonutti, R., Kortshagen, U. & Brovelli, S. Highly efficient luminescent solar concentrators based on earth-abundant indirect-bandgap silicon quantum dots. Nat Photon advance online publication doi:10.1038/nphoton.2017.5 (2017).

2             Santiago-Gonzalez, B., Monguzzi, A., Azpiroz, J. M., Prato, M., Erratico, S., Campione, M., Lorenzi, R., Pedrini, J., Santambrogio, C., Torrente, Y., De Angelis, F., Meinardi, F. & Brovelli, S. Permanent excimer superstructures by supramolecular networking of metal quantum clusters. Science 353, 571-575 (2016).

3             Meinardi, F., McDaniel, H., Carulli, F., Colombo, A., Velizhanin, K. A., Makarov, N. S., Simonutti, R., Klimov, V. I. & Brovelli, S. Highly efficient large-area colourless luminescent solar concentrators using heavy-metal-free colloidal quantum dots. Nature Nanotechnology 10, 878-885 (2015).

4             Meinardi, F., Colombo, A., Velizhanin, K. A., Simonutti, R., Lorenzon, M., Beverina, L., Viswanatha, R., Klimov, V. I. & Brovelli, S. Large area luminescent solar concentrators based on “Stokes-shift-engineered” nanocrystals in mass polymerized polymethylmethacrylate matrix. Nature Photonics 8, 392-399 (2014).

5             Pandey, A., Brovelli, S., Viswanatha, R., Li, L., Pietryga, J. M., Klimov, V. I. & Crooker, S. A. Long-lived photoinduced magnetization in copper doped ZnSe–CdSe core–shell nanocrystals. Nature Nanotechnology 7, 792–797 (2012).

6             Lorenzon, M., Christodoulou, S., Vaccaro, G., Pedrini, J., Meinardi, F., Moreels, I. & Brovelli, S. Reversed oxygen sensing using colloidal quantum wells towards highly emissive photoresponsive varnishes. Nature Communications 6 (2015).

7             Christodoulou, S., Rajadell, F., Casu, A., Vaccaro, G., Grim, J., Genovese, A., Manna, L., Climente, J. I., Meinardi, F., Rainò, G., Stöferle, T., Mahrt, R. F., Planelles, J., Brovelli, S. & Moreels, I. Band Structure Engineering via Piezo-Electric Fields in Strained Anisotropic CdSe/CdS Nanocrystals. Nature Communications 6, 7905 (2015).

8             Brovelli, S., Chiodini, N., Lorenzi, R., Lauria, A., Romagnoli, M. & Paleari, A. Fully inorganic oxide-in-oxide ultraviolet nanocrystal light emitting devices. Nature Communications 3, 690 (2012).

9             Brovelli, S., Schaller, R. D., Crooker, S. A., Garcia-Santamaria, F., Chen, Y., Viswanatha, R., Hollingsworth, J. A., Htoon, H. & Klimov, V. I. Nano-engineered electron-hole exchange interaction controls exciton dynamics in core-shell semiconductor nanocrystals. Nature Communications 2, 280 (2011).

10           Sassi, M., Buccheri, N., Rooney, M., Botta, C., Bruni, F., Giovanella, U., Brovelli, S. & Beverina, L. Near-infrared roll-off-free electroluminescence from highly stable diketopyrrolopyrrole light emitting diodes. NPG Scientific Reports 6, 34096 (2016).

11           Di Martino, D., Beverina, L., Sassi, M., Brovelli, S., Tubino, R. & Meinardi, F. Straightforward fabrication of stable white LEDs by embedding of inorganic UV-LEDs into bulk polymerized polymethyl-methacrylate doped with organic dyes. NPG Scientific Reports 4, Article number: 4400 (2014).

Other selected publications

12           Lorenzon, M., Pinchetti, V., Bruni, F., Bae, W. K., Meinardi, F., Klimov, V. I. & Brovelli, S. Single-Particle Ratiometric Pressure Sensing Based on “Double-Sensor” Colloidal Nanocrystals. Nano Letters 17, 1071-1081 (2017).

13           Bruni, F., Pedrini, J., Bossio, C., Santiago-Gonzalez, B., Meinardi, F., Bae, W. K., Klimov, V. I., Lanzani, G. & Brovelli, S. Two-Color Emitting Colloidal Nanocrystals as Single-Particle Ratiometric Probes of Intracellular pH. Advanced Functional Materials, 1605533-n/a (2017).

14           Pinchetti, V., Meinardi, F., Camellini, A., Sirigu, G., Christodoulou, S., Bae, W. K., De Donato, F., Manna, L., Zavelani-Rossi, M., Moreels, I., Klimov, V. I. & Brovelli, S. Effect of Core/Shell Interface on Carrier Dynamics and Optical Gain Properties of Dual-Color Emitting CdSe/CdS Nanocrystals. Acs Nano 10, 6877-6887 (2016).

15           Pietryga, J. M., Park, Y.-S., Lim, J., Fidler, A. F., Bae, W. K., Brovelli, S. & Klimov, V. I. Spectroscopic and Device Aspects of Nanocrystal Quantum Dots. Chemical Reviews 116, 10513-10622 (2016).

16           Mosconi, E., Salvatori, P., Saba, M. I., Mattoni, A., Bellani, S., Bruni, F., Santiago Gonzalez, B., Antognazza, M. R., Brovelli, S., Lanzani, G., Li, H., Brédas, J.-L. & De Angelis, F. Surface Polarization Drives Photoinduced Charge Separation at the P3HT/Water Interface. ACS Energy Letters 1, 454-463 (2016).

17           Castelli, A., Meinardi, F., Pasini, M., Galeotti, F., Pinchetti, V., Lorenzon, M., Manna, L., Moreels, I., Giovanella, U. & Brovelli, S. High-Efficiency All-Solution-Processed Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Anisotropic Colloidal Heterostructures with Polar Polymer Injecting Layers. Nano Letters 15, 5455-5464 (2015).

18           Sforazzini, G., Kahnt, A., Wykes, M., Sprafke, J. K., Brovelli, S., Montarnal, D., Meinardi, F., Cacialli, F., Beljonne, D., Albinsson, B. & Anderson, H. L. Synthesis and Photophysics of Coaxial Threaded Molecular Wires: Polyrotaxanes with Triarylamine Jackets. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 4553-4566 (2014).

19           Christodoulou, S., Vaccaro, G., Pinchetti, V., Donato, F. D., Grim, J., Casu, A., Genovese, A., Vicidomini, G., Diaspro, A., Brovelli, S., Manna, L. & Moreels, I. Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Wurtzite CdSe/CdS Giant-Shell Nanocrystals Using a Fast Continuous Injection Route. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2, 3439-3447 (2014).

20           Bruni, F., Sassi, M., Campione, M., Giovanella, U., Ruffo, R., Luzzati, S., Meinardi, F., Beverina, L. & Brovelli, S. Post-Deposition Activation of Latent Hydrogen-Bonding: A New Paradigm for Enhancing the Performances of Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells. Advanced Functional Materials 24, 7410-7419 (2014).

21           Brovelli, S., Bae, W. K., Meinardi, F., Santiago González, B., Lorenzon, M., Galland, C. & Klimov, V. I. Electrochemical Control of Two-Color Emission from Colloidal Dot-in-Bulk Nanocrystals. Nano Letters 14, 3855-3863 (2014).

22           Galland, C., Brovelli, S., Bae, W. K., Padilha, L. A., Meinardi, F. & Klimov, V. I. Dynamic Hole Blockade Yields Two-Color Quantum and Classical Light from Dot-in-Bulk Nanocrystals. Nano Letters 13, 321-328 (2013).

23           Brovelli, S., Bae, W. K., Galland, C., Giovanella, U., Meinardi, F. & Klimov, V. I. Dual-Color Electroluminescence from Dot-in-Bulk Nanocrystals. Nano Letters 14, 486-494 (2013).

24           Bae, W. K., Brovelli, S. & Klimov, V. I. Spectroscopic Insights into the Performance of Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes. Mrs Bulletin 38, 721-730 (2013).

25           Zalewski, L., Mativetsky, J. M., Brovelli, S., Bonini, M., Crivillers, N., Breiner, T., Anderson, H. L., Cacialli, F. & Samorì, P. A quarterthiophene-based rotaxane: synthesis, spectroscopy and self-assembly at surfaces Small 8, 1835–1839 (2012).

26           Pal, B. N., Ghosh, Y., Brovelli, S., Laocharoensuk, R., Klimov, V. I., Hollingsworth, J. A. & Htoon, H. 'Giant' CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Nanocrystal Quantum Dots As Efficient Electroluminescent Materials: Strong Influence of Shell Thickness on Light-Emitting Diode Performance. Nano Letters 12, 331-336 (2012).

27           Chiodini, N., Lauria, A., Lorenzi, R., Brovelli, S., Meinardi, F. & Paleari, A. Sol–Gel Strategy for Self-Induced Fluorination and Dehydration of Silica with Extended Vacuum Ultraviolet Transmittance and Radiation Hardness. Chemistry of Materials 24, 677-681 (2012).

28           Brovelli, S., Sforazzini, G., Serri, M., Winroth, G., Suzuki, K., Meinardi, F., Anderson, H. L. & Cacialli, F. Emission Color Trajectory and White Electroluminescence Through Supramolecular Control of Energy Transfer and Exciplex Formation in Binary Blends of Conjugated Polyrotaxanes. Advanced Functional Materials 22, 4284-4291 (2012).

29           Brovelli, S., Galland, C., Viswanatha, R. & Klimov, V. I. Tuning Radiative Recombination in Cu-Doped Nanocrystals via Electrochemical Control of Surface Trapping. Nano Letters 12, 4372-4379 (2012).

30           Zalewski, L., Brovelli, S., Bonini, M., Mativetsky, J. M., Wykes, M., Orgiu, E., Breiner, T., Kastler, M., Dotz, F., Meinardi, F., Anderson, H. L., Beljonne, D., Cacialli, F. & Samori, P. Self-Assembled Conjugated Thiophene-Based Rotaxane Architectures: Structural, Computational, and Spectroscopic Insights into Molecular Aggregation. Advanced Functional Materials 21, 834-844 (2011).

31           Viswanatha, R., Brovelli, S., Pandey, A., Crooker, S. A. & Klimov, V. I. Copper-Doped Inverted Core/Shell Nanocrystals with "Permanent" Optically Active Holes. Nano Letters 11, 4753-4758 (2011).

32           Viswanatha, R., Brovelli, S. & Klimov, V. I. in APS Meeting Abstracts. 34008.

33           Garcia-Santamaria, F., Brovelli, S., Viswanatha, R., Hollingsworth, J. A., Htoon, H., Crooker, S. A. & Klimov, V. I. Breakdown of Volume Scaling in Auger Recombination in CdSe/CdS Heteronanocrystals: The Role of the Core-Shell Interface. Nano Letters 11, 687-693 (2011).

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