Large infrastructures and equipments

Apparatus for thermogravimetry analysis(TGA/DSC-MS)
Resp.: Prof. R. Scotti, Prof. R. Ruffo

Pressure-Composition Isotherm (PCI) Measurement System for hydrogen storage materials

Cryogen Free Magnet & Integrated Variable Temperature Sample Space With DR Insert
Resp.: Prof. F. Meinardi

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer
Resp.: Prof. M. Moret

UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
Resp.: Prof. A. Sassella

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
Resp.: Prof. R. Scotti

ICP Mass Laser Ablation (ICP-MS-LA)
Resp.: Dott. N. Chiodini

Scanning Electron Miscroscopy
Resp.: Prof. M. Acciarri

Raman Microspectrometer
Resp.: Prof. E. Bonera

Resp.: Prof. A. Paleari

Equipement for preparation and characterization of solar energy devices
Resp.: Prof. A. Abbotto, Prof. M. Acciarri, Prof. S. Binetti

Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
Resp.: Prof. M. Acciarri

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (solutions)
Resp.: Prof. L. Beverina

Computing Platform for Parallel Processing
Resp.: Prof. M. Bernasconi

High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPC)
Resp.: Prof. C. Di Valentin