Microfabrication technologies at Polifab

PhD Course in Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Thursday December 15th, 2022
3 p.m.
Seminar room, U5 Building – via Roberto Cozzi 55, Milano

Lecturer: Claudio Somaschini

Title: Microfabrication technologies at Polifab

Abstract. In our talk, we will present the cleanroom of Polifab, the micro- and nano- fabrication facility of Politecnico di Milano. We will describe the organization and the access model to the cleanroom, which supports both academic research and industrial development. In our facility, under the careful supervision of the cleanroom staff, we welcome researchers from different institutions and give them the chance to work directly on our tools to develop their own ideas and projects. Moreover, the staff can also carry on the requested fabrication or measurements as pure external service.

In order to stimulate the discussion and possible collaboration, we will review the different technologies present at Polifab, divided into five different fabrication building blocks: lithography, deposition, etching, characterization and backend. We will briefly describe the capabilities of the tools, the main processes available for the users and few examples of application will be given. In more detail we will present the full fabrication of a couple of complex devices completely realized at Polifab.

In conclusion, we will also discuss the project of realization of the new site in Campus Bovisa where Polifab will be moved and considerably expanded in collaboration with ST Microelectronics.