English Teaching

Courses taught in English

Students who wish to find classes taught in English, please look at the Catalogue “Science” on the University website.

Master degree courses

The Department offers one of the international Master Degree courses activated at the University, namely the international Master Degree Course in Materials Science. The degree course, taught in English, is aimed at forming professionals with solid multidisciplinary background, across chemistry and physics of materials and whose skills, brought to maturity through a master thesis activity carried out in research laboratories, make them capable of designing and tailoring new advanced materials for innovative functions and devices.
The postgraduate programme in Materials Science moves along the European Higher Education Innovation Guidelines indicated by the EIT road map (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), with a particular focus on the themes of sustainable technology.

Dual degree

The educational programme offer of the Department includes Dual Degree programme for bachelor and master degree courses, in which one year is expected to stay in a European university.

Master Degree in Materials Science
Within the framework of the European project IMAGINE - specifically dedicated to master degree courses in the field of sustainable technology and on issues related to recycling, circular design, and management and replacement of critical materials (http://www.master-suma.eu) - an innovative approach is adopted, certified by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), providing training that integrates scientific knowledge, experimental research and modeling expertise, technological innovation skill, and entrepreneurship start-up.
In this context, the dual degree courses for students of the International Master Degree in Materials Science also lead to the acquisition of the Master Degree in Sustainable Materials (SUMA).