Research Areas

Organic molecular beam epitaxy apparatus

The research activities of the Department of Materials Science cover the entire production process of relevant classes of materials, starting from basic studies up to the procedures of integration in devices and in some cases to the manufacturing of demonstrators.

The types of materials investigated are: nanostructured oxides for applications in sensors, photocatalysis and autotraction (nanostructured fillers); polymeric or hybrid porous materials for storage and separation of technologically relevant gas mixtures such as H2, CH4 and CO2; molecular or polymeric organic semiconductors; organic and inorganic semiconductors (thin films) for photovoltaic, photocatalysis, smart windows, optoelectronics, sensors and imaging; epitaxial and colloidal quantum dots for imaging, energy and photonics; nanostructured materials as active layers for thermoelectric generators; polymeric nanostructures for energy, photonics and drug delivery; glass-based materials for the production of oxidic systems containing optically active species and nanostructures for sensors, imaging and lighting; composite materials for electrode applications for energy storage; inorganic semiconductors and high dielectric constant oxides for microelectronics (memories and logic), spintronics and neuroelectronics.

The Department of Materials Science splits its research activities into thematic areas.

Microelectronics and photonics materials

First Principles Simulations of Materials for Microelectronics
Marco Bernasconi, Davide Campi

Optical spectroscopy of semiconductors
Emiliano Bonera, Jacopo Pedrini, Fabio Pezzoli

Organic molecular films and heterostructures
Alessandro Minotto, Adele Sassella

Advanced Spectroscopy of Functional Nanomaterials
Sergio Brovelli, Francesco Carulli, Francesco Meinardi, Angelo Monguzzi

Oxide nanostructures and glass-based materials for optical technology
Mauro Fasoli, Roberto Lorenzi, Alberto Paleari, Anna Vedda

Materials and Spectroscopies for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics (MSNS Laboratory)
Marco Fanciulli, Fabrizio Moro

Modeling and simulations of semiconductor heteroepitaxy
Roberto Bergamaschini, Leonida Miglio, Francesco Montalenti, Emilio Scalise

Fabrication and study of semiconductor quantum nanostructures (EpiLab)
Stefano Cecchi, Stefano Sanguinetti

Synthesis of sol-gel glasses for sensors and functional optical fibers
Norberto Chiodini

Laboratory of Ultrafast Microscopy for Nanoscale Dynamics (LUMiNaD)
Giovanni Maria Vanacore

Optics and Optometry

Optics and Optometry
Silvia Tavazzi, Fabrizio Zeri