Lead-free perovskite solar cells


On Friday 27th of October 2023, at 10 am, in the seminar room in U5, Prof Abate will hold a seminar on halide perovskite-based solar cells.

Prof Antonio Abate is the director of the Department “Novel Materials and Interfaces for Photovoltaic Solar Cells” at the Helmholtz-Centrum in Berlin, and he is researching the high-efficiency conversion of solar energy with halide perovskites. He is in the top 1% for citations in the Web of Science and has been listed among the top 10 most influential scientists in the field of perovskite solar cells. Prof Abate will tell us about the rapid evolution of research activities on perovskites for photovoltaic technologies. In the present talk, he will focus on the stability of tin-based perovskite solar cells, showing that the latter can achieve longer stability under working conditions than the lead-based compositions.