In memoriam - Claudio Maria Mari

A biographical note and two scientific works in memory of Claudio Maria Mari have been published on Ionics
Prof. Mari's research group

A biographical note in memory of Prof. Claudio Maria Mari  has been published on-line in the scientific journal Ionics. The note was written by Riccardo Ruffo and Sergio Pizzini and will be published in the May issue together with two scientific papers dedicated to Claudio Maria Mari. The works were requested by Ionics editor, Werner Weppner, after the workshop organized in November.

Sergio Pizzini & Riccardo Ruffo
In memoriam—Claudio Maria Mari (1947–2020)

Massimiliano D’Arienzo, Franca Morazzoni, Riccardo Ruffo & Roberto Scotti 
Using the electron spin resonance to detect the functional centers in materials for sensor devices

Nicolò Pianta, Davide Locatelli & Riccardo Ruffo
Cycling properties of Na3V2(PO4)2F3 as positive material for sodium-ion batteries