Bachelor Degree in Materials Science

The Bachelor Degree Course in Materials Science provides basic scientific knowledge and knowledge on design, construction and characterization of innovative materials in order to make possible advanced processes and technologies such as Nanotechnologies. The Degree Program aims at training graduates able to integrate themselves into productive or research realities in which problems concerning both the improvement of the performance of existing materials (polymers, ceramics, glass, metals, composites, semiconductors) and the development of new ones are addressed.
The programme of the Degree Course has been studied in order to ensure:

  • excellent preparation in the chemical, physical and mathematical disciplines;
  • specific theoretical and experimental training in materials science;
  • specific training concerning the characterization of materials, the control of their quality, as well as the use of techniques
  • simulation for the design of new materials.

The teaching staff is characterized by the presence of experts in the field of materials science belonging to the traditional fields of physics and chemistry.

The graduate in Materials Science is a professional figure able:

  • to design synthetic and preparatory strategies for materials with predetermined physical and chemical properties, assessing risks and costs;
  • to program interventions able to improve the properties of existing materials;
  • to develop new materials for applications in different fields;
  • to characterize the physical, chemical and chemical-physical properties of different classes of materials;
  • to be able to collaborate and integrate with project and system engineers.

For more information about the Bachelor Degree in Materials Science, please contact the Prospective Students Coordinator in Materials Science:
Prof. Angiolina Comotti