Tuesday, 09 November 2021

Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Materials Science "Miriam Ferrari" Award and "Sustainability and Energy" Award a.y. 2019-2020

On Monday 8 November on the occasion of the Didactic Coordination Council of Materials Science, prof. Angiolina Comotti has presented the Awards to the winners.

Bachelor's Degree "Miriam Ferrari" Award

  • Chiara Vismara - "Synthesis and characterization of a porous pillared coordination polymer containing azine groups for gas capture"
  • Giorgia Pirola - "Analysis of acrylic colors and their components using optical spectroscopy techniques" "Sustainability and Energy"

Master's Degree "Sustainability and Energy" Award

  • Edoardo Mariani - "Survey on cathode materials in DS-PEC for the photo-reduction of water"
  • Lorenzo Mezzomo - "Solid state electrolytes nanocomposites for secondary alkali metal batteries"
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