Disordered perovskite crystals for very-high-efficiency telecommunications

The results of the research published on Communications Materials, Nature Research division
Perovskiti e generazione di seconda armonica

Very-high-efficiency optical telecommunications thanks to disordered perovskite crystals. This result was obtained by an international collaboration, involving the Department of Materials Science of University of Milano-Bicocca. Results were published on Communications Materials, a journal of NatureResearch, in a paper titled “Contraints-free wavelength conversionsupported by giant optical refraction in a 3D perovskite supercrystal” (doi: 10.1038/s43246-020-00077-z).

In this work nonlinear optical properties were investigated in potassium-based perovskite crystals with substitutional disorder. The authors demonstrated that by exploiting these crystals it is possible to obtain second harmonic generation without the usual spectral and directional constraints, which usually downgrade the efficiency of this process. These findings open the way to the development of innovativly-designed devices to be employed in optical telecommunications.