Nanomechanical light emitters for integrated photonics

Nature Nanotechnology News & Views by Fabio Pezzoli

Fabio Pezzoli, Associate Professor in Experimental Physics at the Department of Materials Science of the University of Milano-Bicocca, has been invited by the editors of the prestigious scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology (Impact Factor 38.9, 2022 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Report (Clarivate Analytics, 2023)) to write a News & Views editorial article, owning to his intensive research in the field of optical spectroscopy and quantum properties of low-dimensional semiconductors. The News & Views “Tuning light by the vibes”(DOI: s41565-024-01663-9) is about the fascinating development of nanoscale laser, i.e., electro-mechanical resonators that can be effectively integrated into silicon photonics. In particular, the editorial accompanies a paper recently published in Nature Nanotechnology (DOI: s41565-024-01662-w). This work has demonstrated the fabrication of such solid-state lasers using germanium-tin alloys, featuring record-high efficiency in the control of the stimulated emission.