Work Packages

Focus on new inorganic and hybrid thin films (e.g. perovskites) in order to realize tandem cells to reach 30% efficiency target.

WP leader: Prof. Maurizio Acciarri

Focus on lithium and post-lithium (e.g. sodium) batteries. Both electrodes (e.g. intercalation-type and conversion-type materials) and electrolytes will be investigated.

WP leader: Prof. Riccardo Ruffo

Focus on systems with proton or anionic conducting polymer membranes, with low-cost electrode materials (e.g. without noble metals).

WP leader: Piercarlo Mustarelli

Focus on the solar production of hydrogen and small carbon-based molecules from sun and nature abundant and ubiquitous feedstocks (H2O, CO2) by photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical approaches using a) new organic-based materials, b) 1D and 2D semiconductors and oxides.

WP leader: Dr. Norberto Manfredi

Focus on organic and metal-organic nanoporous materials with high surface (>4000 m2/g) to store hydrogen at more moderate pressures (100-200 bar) than those required by gas compression (700 bar).

WP leader: Prof. Angiolina Comotti