10 gennaio 2020

Needs and Trends in Scintillating Materials

Seminario di Dottorato in Scienza e Nanotecnologia dei Materiali

Venerdì 10 Gennaio 2020
Ore 11.00
Sala Seminari, Piano I, Edificio U5 – via Roberto Cozzi 55, Milano

Relatore: Christophe Dujardin  – Institute of Light and Matter (ILM), University Claude Bernard Lyon1 - CNRS, Villeurbanne, France

Titolo: Needs and Trends in Scintillating Materials

Abstract: After an introduction to scintillating mechanisms and related materials, this presentation presents new developments in inorganic scintillators widely used for radiation detection. It addresses major emerging research topics outlining current needs for applications and material sciences issues with the overall aim to provide an up-to-date picture of the field. While the traditional forms of scintillators have been crystals and ceramics, new research on films, nanoparticles, and microstructured materials is also crucial as these material forms can bring new functionality and therefore find applications in radiation detection.
This overview will focus on some of the hot topics of the field involving materials as thin films for high resolution x-ray imaging, nanocrystals for photodynamic therapy and porous materials for radioactivity detection in fluids.