PhD School "Semiconductor trip: from a simple idea to a complex manufacturing"

Topics on Microelectronics ToM2022

Abstract: The intent of this course, dedicated to PhD students and held in Italian, is giving a general overview of the complex mechanism that, starting from a simple idea, leads to the manufacturing of a microelectronic device. The environment of a big company as STMicroelectronics will be presented as well as the fundamentals steps of the manufacturing path. During the course, the importance of the research and development and the value of the knowledge will be discussed in the frame of the willingness of a corporate social responsibility.

Course Contents

Application overview
• Ultrasound for Health (G.Ricotti)
• Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) for motion (P.Pesenti)

Design and Manufacturing steps overview:
• MEMS Technology (A.Sciutti)
• Process Technology (S.D.Mariani/G.Fazio)
• Analog & Mixed Signal Design Implementation Flows (D. Genova)
• Package platform and co-design challenges (G.Graziosi)
• Testing (D.Appello)
• Reliability (A.Mancaleoni)
• Failure Analysis (M.Merlotti)

ST’s culture and special programs
• ST company overview and its Technical Staff community presentation (S. Fulgoni)
• Innovation at ST (A. Cremonesi)
• Design Research and Development (P. Rolandi)
• ST Technology Research and Development (A. Molfese)
• An introduction to ePCM (A. Redaelli)
• Social Sustainability (L. Fracassini)
• Conclusions (M. Marchesi)

On-line registration at the website

Lectures will be held in the Room U4/08
Building U4 – Piazza della Scienza 5 – 20126 Milan (Italy)