Corso di Laurea in Ottica e Optometria

visita optometrica

The Bachelor Degree Course in Optics and Optometry aims at providing the students with a basic knowledge in physics and chemistry, which can be a proper background for more technical subjects in the fields of optics, optometry, and contact lenses. The teaching organization of the course has been set with professional associations as consultants; several professors teaching the technical subjects come from those associations and work as optometrists.
In the Degree programme, besides basic subjects of physics, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology, several subjects dealing with optic instruments, optometric methods, and contact lenses are covered. In addition, all students are trained for several months at the university laboratories or in Institutions or companies working in the fields of optometry and contact lenses. In view of their future work as optometrists, lessons and seminars for the students are organized, aimed at deepening their knowledge and at illustrating all the characteristics of the profession.

After obtaining the Degree, the students possess a basic technical-scientific knowledge in applied physics, biology, physiology (mostly applied to the eye and vision) and they know the working principles and practical use of the methods and techniques for analyzing the eye and the vision system, as well as about modern instrumentation used in optometry.
During their practical training at university, the students learn how to carry out a complete optometric analysis and how to solve the problems detected by means of the most proper vision aids.

The course is taught in Italian.

For more information, please contact the Prospective Students Coorcinator of the Bachelor Degree in Optics and Optometry:
Prof. Mauro Fasoli

Presentation of the course (in italian)