GRAFTONICA. Tecnologie d'innesto, innesto di tecnologie


Graftonica produces and brings to market nanotech additives to meet the evolving needs of the rubber and plastics industry. Additives produced by Graftonica are easily dispersed in polymers can be provided as masterbatches. They improve the performance of polymer products, making them suitable for applications currently reserved to other classes of materials providing smart solutions: high dielectric constant materials for electronics, water and gas barrier for food packaging, high refraction index transparent materials for optics and photonics, modulated scattering materials for lighting, UV coatings for conservation and restoration of cultural heritage and biocompatible and biomimetic materials for implants, prosthetics, phantoms. The methodology developed at Graftonica for compatibilizing and dispersing inorganic nanofillers is inspired by state of the art scientific concepts («lab on a particle») and combines the functional properties of nanoparticles with the structural properties of the polymer. The compatibilization technology can be applied on a wide range of commercial products, as well as on custom made nanoparticles and on metal surfaces. As part of an integrated approach to develop and prototype innovative materials, Graftonica can also provide: analysis and deformulation of existing materials, including failure analysis; scale up of processes and reactions from literature.